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You can generate more referrals & repeat sales with these beautiful, full color certificates.  Great incentives, door-busters, fund raisers, employee rewards, club events, contests, premiums, thank-you’s, drawings, prizes, traffic boosters, lead generators, good will, party favors ( bribes!)  I’m sure you can think of even more uses.

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Three Exciting Days and Two Fun-Filled Nights in 20+ Resort Cities – New Orleans, Reno, Palm Springs, Branson, Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe.

Great for Professional Services, Retailers, Jobbers, Clubs, Non-Profits, Insurance, Real Estate, MLM, Car Dealers.
Perfect for your business, non-profit, or service organization.

Over 15 Years of Happy Customers


NO Timeshares.  No Sales Pitch. No MLM.

High perceived value travel incentive is perfect for your business. Offer these exciting travel premiums: Use these for yourself, friends, prospects or customers.


"Our call center provides leads for both Hyla and Rainbow Vacuum Sales. Nothing keeps a prospect on the phone better than a free vacation to hear about a great vacuum cleaner. Our leads have increased 30% since using your vacations." – Jeff Feldman, B2C Solutions

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Buy Vacation Vouchers To Sell or Giveaway Start a home business selling Free Vacation certificates to small business owners, or buy Free Vacation certificates to use in your own business.
There is nothing to join and no extra fees. You simply purchase Vacation Vouchers wholesale. You're on your own from there.

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Business Owners and independent Sales Professionals. MarketingBoost is a good fit for you if you already have a business that is generating reasonably consistent income. The platform is about helping you make more sales and grow customer and employee loyalty – it is NOT a standalone business opportunity.

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