Ideas for Free Vacation Promotions

Giveaway Vacation Free Promotional Travel Certificates capture attention and generate response better than any other advertising supplement or motivational tool. Their universal appeal opens up a wide array of creative uses within both your marketing and internal incentive programs.

“It’s the law of reciprocity – I put a pen in your hand and you feel compelled to give me
a moment of your time. I give you a vacation certificate you’re going to give me 2-3 hours.”

Potential customers will happily provide you with their contact information if it also gives them the opportunity to win a vacation certificate.

Whether it is increasing website traffic or boosting in-store traffic that you were looking for, the opportunity to win a free travel certificate is a great draw.

Offering a free vacation as a purchase incentive can greatly increase your closing percentages. When a client is choosing between you and your competitors, a free vacation bonus can easily tip the scales in your favor.

Tack on a high value vacation package to your add-on features and see how fast those sales increase. There are few people who can pass up a greatly increased value for very little added cost. Using promotional vacation packages as a reward for reaching higher price-point purchases is also a great way to get customers looking at your high-end products or adding additional items to what would otherwise be a single item sale.

Offering a free vacation in Las Vegas for referring a friend who makes a major purchase offers a powerful incentive for your customers. It will keep your business name on the tip of their tongue when talking to their friends and family. Offer a trip to Orlando and even their kids will become avid spokesmen on your behalf.

High price-point promotions have your biggest spenders as their primary target audience. Your free vacation ad supplement will encourage them to participate in the sales event.

Case Studies

Water System Case Study

A high-end water purification systems company and was looking for a way to get into homes for the owners to listen to a 30-minute presentation about our systems.

Created flyers that were passed out to homeowners in new neighborhoods. We advertised that for listening to a 30-minute presentation we would give them a travel certificate, no strings attached.

We got into 50% more homes by using this marketing program and turned 50% of those presentations into sales. Since our units range in price up to $5,000 this promotion has paid for itself many times over

Tax Services Case Study

The firm wanted to increase the size of the client base, and generate more work and needed a way to get more leads.

We had a team of people who went out to neighborhoods offering free vacations for new clients if they had their taxes prepared by us. We used about 1000 of the free vacation certificates certificates during a 4-month period.

Our sales increased 25% during that four-month period. I was definitely very pleased with product. Not only is Get Up & Go!® an extremely professional company, so are all of their offerings

Online Retail Case Study

Skin Care product retailer wanted to increase both traffic and purchases.

Offered vacation certificates with purchases. The promotion started about 5 months ago and is still running.

The results have been great with average per client sales up 55%. Free travel certificates are the best marketing tool I’ve ever used. Absolutely recommended! It’s a great investment and more than paid for itself. I think everybody could use this product.

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