Everyone needs to get away now and again, especially these days when stress is at its highest. What is even more stressful sometimes is that weekend getaways may not come cheap. Trying to find inexpensive weekend getaway ideas is not always easy.

If you have run out of ideas, read on! There are ways that you can escape the hustle and bustle that is everyday life and get away for that relaxing weekend – on a budget.

Of course, it all depends on your theme and the company with whom you are traveling.

Girls Getaways

If you are traveling with your girlfriends, then there is good news. It has never been easier to get away for the weekend with your girlfriends and do so inexpensively. The reason for this is that you can get an awesome group rate for you and your girlfriends just about anywhere.

Ever since the economy went down, extras and extravagant luxuries also came down in price. Companies eager to still stay afloat and do business offer group rates that are excellent.

For example, you can head to Florida and stay in one of the lesser-known and least crowded areas such as St. Petersburg. The beaches are beautiful, but the cost is much less than your typical Miami or Orlando stay.

You could also rent a hotel room in Manhattan, share the cost, and partake in activities that offer group rates such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The beauty of a girls’ getaway is that it resembles an old-fashioned sleepover, with a bunch of girls crammed into one room, this time sharing the expense.

Romantic Weekend Getaways

If you are planning a romantic weekend getaway, you are in luck. Variety is the spice of life on this one. You could always opt for a more luxurious hotel in New York City that offers spa treatments and choose to do things that are free such as a romantic picnic in the middle of Central Park or a stroll down Fifth Avenue to window shop.

Choosing not to partake in all the expensive activities in New York City is a great and innovative idea. Bryant Park often offers a huge tree and the most amazing hot chocolate to indulge in after ice-skating for a bit. These are fairly inexpensive holiday treats to enjoy. Bryant Park also offers vendors selling goods from beautiful landscape portraits to holiday ornaments to peruse.

Bed and breakfasts during off-season are another great way to save some money, as is traveling off-season to other destinations.

You never know what you may encounter by traveling off-season to different locations. You may just find a new and inexpensive tradition along the way.